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Your business has checking choices

Put some profit back into your business with the right checking account.

Earn Interest

See the current rates.

Low Fees

You get to keep more of your company’s money.

Lowest Opening Balance

All you need is $100 to open your business checking account.

Anytime, Anywhere Banking

Make transfers, pay vendors, download statements, and plan ahead from any device. Learn More

Visa® Debit Card

Our checking accounts come with a Visa® debit card that works as hard as you do.

Free Checks

Get two (2) free boxes of our standard design checks every year.

Ready Reserve Lines of Credit

Ask about establishing a line of credit for your business.

Member Advantages

The more your business utilizes the credit union, the more you’ll get from it. Learn More

Quicken and QuickBooks

It is now easier for you to see your SouthPoint transactions from within your Intuit software.

Product Minimum Maximum Rates
Business Checking

Manage your business funds effectively, efficiently, and economically with no monthly fees and interest-earning options.

$50,000.00 +

Shared Accounts

Link your business and personal accounts together to make transfers and pay bills.

Going Paperless

E-Statements and E-Notices keep your business finances up to date and tax-time friendly. Learn More



There is no limit to the number of purchases or cash withdrawals you can make in a day, however, you are limited to $2,010 per day in total purchases and $505 in daily cash withdrawals.

If you come into one of our branches and receive an Instant Issue card, you will also choose your PIN at that time and your card will be active. If you receive a card mailed to you, you will need to call the phone number on the debit card sticker (800-992-3808) to activate your card.

Instant issue debit cards are activated upon receipt.

Once your business savings account is open, you can take advantage of all the products and services we offer at SouthPoint FCU. Required info to open an account can vary by industry. Call us at 877-794-6712 for more information.

Call us at 877-794-6712 to place a stop payment on a specific item or purchase.

Minimum Opening Balances are as follows: Savings Account – $10; Checking Account – $100

You can transfer money as many times as you want each month, unless you are making an electronic transfer from a savings account (online banking, sweeps, or over the phone transfers).

You can use your debit card at any MoneyPass ATM without being charged any fees. We have MoneyPass ATMs at many branch locations as well.

No, the only checks that we would have access to would be the checks that go through on your account. If they are cancelled they do not come through to the credit union.

No. We can transfer those funds for you. All we would need is your account number on both accounts.

Just a few minutes. We now do instant issue cards at any branch. If you are unable to come into a branch to get a new card, we can mail it to you. That normally takes about 7-10 business days.

Yes, you can get counter checks for $.25 per check.

We offer two (2) boxes of free basic checks per year. They can be single or duplicate checks.

Yes. When your debit or credit cards are used outside their normal areas, we notice and often freeze your accounts to protect your credit. Let us know before you go on vacation so we can make a note in your account. That will keep your money available to you while you’re out of town.

Yes. You can be set up to transfer to and from your accounts.

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