Voice Banking with Alexa on Kitchen Counter Voice Banking with Alexa on Kitchen Counter

Alexa Voice Banking

Manage your money hands-free

Alexa, what's my checking account balance?

Need to know your account balance or check your recent transactions? Just Ask! SouthPoint offers Alexa Voice Banking for your smart speaker!

  • Check account balances
  • Manage accounts hands-free
  • Review recent transactions

How to use Alexa Voice Banking

  1. Start by downloading the Amazon Alexa app if you don’t already have it downloaded
  2. Enable the Skill
    • Open your Amazon Alexa app or visit www.amazon.com, select Skills and search for “SouthPoint Financial Credit Union”. Select Enable and accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Link your SouthPoint account
    • Enter your username and password for SouthPoint’s Online and Mobile Banking and create a 4-digital passcode. For security, we recommend using a different number than your PIN.
  4. Talk to Alexa!
    • To check your accounts using Alexa Voice Banking, first say, “Alexa, open SouthPoint Financial Credit Union.” When you’re finished, say, “Alexa, stop”

What you can ask

To start, say, “Alexa, open SouthPoint Financial Credit Union.” From there you can ask Alexa any of the following:

  • Tell me my checking account balance.
  • What are my recent checking account transactions?
  • What is the balance in my savings account?
  • What are my account balances?

To stop using voice banking, simple say, “Alexa, stop.”


To use SouthPoint’s Alexa Voice Banking, you must be a SouthPoint member with a SouthPoint online or mobile banking account and an Amazon Alexa-enabled device.
SouthPoint’s Alexa Voice Banking allows you to check your account balances and your recent transactions.
No, your login credentials are not shared with Amazon.
No, we recommend you set a unique 4-digit number different from your PIN in order to access Alexa Voice Banking.
Yes. To do so, you must disable then re-enable the SouthPoint Financial Credit Union skill. Simply search “SouthPoint Financial Credit Union” on your Amazon Alexa app (under Alexa Skills), select Disable, then select Enable.
If you no longer want Alexa to access your account information, simply search "SouthPoint Financial Credit Union” on your Amazon Alexa app (under Alexa Skills), and select Disable.
Technically, anyone nearby may be able to overhear what you and Alexa say. In addition, anyone with access to your Alexa-enabled device and your 4-digit passcode may be able to ask Alexa for your balance or recent transactions. For security, we strongly advise you not to share your passcode with anyone.
We recommend you don’t use Alexa banking in public locations with others close by who may be able to hear your account information or passcode. Remember not to mention your Social Security Number or other sensitive information that could be recorded when you are speaking to Alexa. It is also important that you secure your devices, usernames and passwords, 4-digit passcode and other credentials in the same way you would secure any information you wish to keep private and confidential.

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