Money Management Tools

If you don’t want an account to be used in any of the available features or reports, you can choose to hide the account. This way, no information or transactions from that account will be factored into other tools. The data related to that account won’t be deleted, however, and you can easily unhide an account.
  1. Bring up the "Account Details" window for the account you wish to hide by clicking the account
  2. Click the ... button on the right and choose "Hide Account" from the dropdown menu
  3. Click "Hide" to confirm, or click "Cancel" if you change your mind
  1. From the Account tool, click Add an Account on the right to open the "Add Accounts" window

  2. Search for a financial institution by its name or URL

  3. Select the institution from the list and enter the requested login credentials

Note: Some institutions also use multi-facto authentication as part of the log in process

Sometimes it’s just not possible to automatically bring in important financial information. It might be that one of your financial institutions doesn’t support our software, or it might be that you paid off your home a decade ago, so there wouldn’t be an online account with any information about it.

In these kinds of situations, you should add a manual account. This will allow you to keep track of things with a lot of value: property like a home or car, cash that isn’t in a bank, a credit card that isn’t compatible with the tools, a loan you’re paying back to a friend.

These are all critical to your finances, so you should feel free to add as many as necessary.

Steps to add a manual account:

  1. Click Add an Account at the top right of the Accounts Tab
  2. Click Add Manual Account at the bottom of the window
  3. Choose an account Type. You can choose from the following: Checking, Savings, Loan, Credit Card, Investment, Line of Credit, Mortgage, Property, Cash, Insurance, Prepaid, Other
  4. Enter in the details
  5. Click Save
Note: Getting the details you’ll need for step 4 may require pulling out a paper statement, making a call, or logging on to another online account — but it’s worth it. The app will be more accurate — and you’ll rest easier — knowing you’ve got all the information you need to take full advantage of this powerful software.

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